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Epic hack and slash battles,

Her challenges went beyond the physical

Safira's stress and trauma will be her largest obstacles. Pain, triggers, flashbacks, and even time will increase her stress levels. If she isn't careful, it will weaken her greatly and cause her downfall.

Will she follow a dangerous path filled with deadly creatures?

Or one that forces her to face her traumas head on?

Either way, patience and tranquility will be her greatest weapon against what is to come.

Safira Valerie's Journey

Safira's life had always been decided for her.

That was until the day she ran off into the forest without a plan or an ally. 

Instead of finding her end, she found the beginning of her journey at the base of

The Wandering Spire.

She had but one thing to do: Climb.

Her journey will be filled with perils


The forest won't be kind to her. Far from the protections of her village, she will need to fight to survive.

She trained in secret her whole life, but it will prove hardly enough for the challenges that lay wait.

The beasts of the forest will test her ability to attack, dodge, and counter at just the right moments.

Mixed with stress mechanics,

And a story of healing from trauma.

Currently in Pre-Alpha


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